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Gave it a go...


Thanks for playing Step! Awesome video, loved your commentary, keep up the good work :)


This was really neat and had just the right mix of action and puzzles for me.  I also really appreciate the attention to detail (the darts thrower in the tavern won't throw if you're in the way). 

Good luck!

Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed the demo!


I really really loved this game. It reminded me of a top down version of Trine a bit, but I love the puzzles in the game. Looking forward to more of this one. I also featured this in my Indie Game Showcase.

Thanks for playing! Really enjoyed watching your playthrough :)


LOVED the demo, the mechanics are sweet, and the dialogues are great ! Keep it up guys ! 

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Thanks for playing and I'm so happy you enjoyed it!


I like this team. And the rooms in the demo, keep up the sweet work! :)


Thanks Cryptic, awesome video! Loved the commentary, keep up the great work.


This is a great, great game; can't wait for more!


very fun game

Thank you!